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PageantAds will custom design your program at absolutely no charge to you as long as long as you have a minimum of 25 delegates, each of whom is required to use PageantAds to design their Program Showcase Ad. 



  • Current National Queens Spread

  • National Pageant Ad

  • Crown Cares 

  • Flawless Boutique

  • A full bleed print is required by the national office. Each director designates their printer and the press file is formatted to that printer’s specification.  PageantAds is available to troubleshoot any design issues. 


Show Case Ads

The minimum design fee is $50 with options up to $90 based on the delegate's choice.  For those with delegates of fewer than 25, the director would pay a supplemental fee of $25 for up to 25 delegates total.  For example for a pageant having only 23 delegates, the director would pay an additional design fee of $50.


Some directors choose to include the price of design in their ad page fee, as well as the cost of the program magazine as part of the required pageant fees.  This guarantees that each delegate will pay for a minimum of one program magazine.  In this case, PageantAds will work with you to set the maximum amount you will pay and offer additional up-sale options to the delegates.  All fees must be paid before your program goes to press.


Ambassador Ads

Ambassador Ads (for those that employ this program) can be designed by outside designers but must be to program specifications.  Programs will be 8.5" x 11" - full bleed with a .25" bleed and a .25" margin allowance.  PageantAds will provide design services for these ads as needed for design fees slightly more than your Showcase Ad Page Fees and payable by the delegate when they order. 


Autograph Cards

PageantAds will custom design autograph cards for each of your queens and pay to print 50 each.  All graphics files will be provided to the director and made available to queens for printing or reprinting. 


Auto Magnets

PageantAds will custom design one auto magnet for each of your queens.  (Production is not included. ) All graphics files will be provided to the director and made available to queens for printing.


State queens are required to engage PageantAds to design their national ad for a blanket fee of $45.  Queens are responsible to provide high-resolution studio images for design and will have final approval on all designs.  State directors are encouraged to review each national ad before the proof is sent to the queen. 





We make it easy for you and your delegates. 


  • We provide custom forms for your delegates to order their ads and upload their headshots so you do not have to be burdened with collecting them. 

  • We provide custom forms for you to transmit your program content such as judges images and bios, current royalty images and profiles, your sponsor's ad, etc. 

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